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Halting the U.S. Military Empire
and Restoring Peace

   “America cannot be an empire abroad and

 continue to be a democracy at home.” 

              ‘We have to stop seeing the world in terms of

         enemies  and adversaries. As John Quincy Adams

         wrote, “Americans go not abroad in search of

         monsters to destroy.”’ 

                              - Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


    Long used as a militaristic plaything by covert empire-builders in democracy-undermining agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the transnational financial institutions and military-industrial mega-corporations that they serve, the land and people of the United States now finds themselves impoverished both financially and in spirit.

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   The Kennedy Campaign expresses our current Geo-political situation with a great metaphor: the health of a nation is much like that of a human body: When a body is healthy it can use its energy expansively – interacting with the outside world – much as a healthy nation is able to expand its interactions with other nations. Conversely a sick body gets to the point where it must withdraw its energies from its extremities and bring them back within to its core, its innermost vital organs – in order to heal and repair itself.

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    So it is now with the USA, for nearly a century its been expanding outwards through trade deals as well as direct and subtle aggression and in the process expending its resources – finances as well as human potential.  But this constant financial and largely militaristic expansionism – has left our nation’s very population and key public institutions drained and increasingly destitute. The United States now finds itself weakened, disconnected and progressively more vulnerable to exploitation by aggressive multi-national corporations and the manipulative influence of corrupted institutions.

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    With the collapse of the Berlin wall and the imperialistic might of the USSR in the early ‘90s (over thirty years ago!) it was expected that the United States and the world at large at last had a great time of peace and prosperity to look forward to. Instead the greed that had long poured the greater part of the nations wealth into military industries continued to channel ballooning funds into militaristic adventures. Now we find ourselves with nearly one-thousand military bases positioned around the world while the health of both the US populace and critical national infrastructure continues to decline.

Berlin-Wall fall.jpg
military Industr-poverty-Rdcd.jpg

   The Kennedy Presidency will begin to “unwind” the extraneous aspects of the US militaristic empire, bringing a large portion of military overspending back home to be used to repair and improve the lives of all US citizens as well as the country itself. This is one of his very highest priorities. His administration will curtail the coups and other subterfuges of the CIA and related covert and corrupt agencies; cut back or entirely end indirect funding of paramilitaries and the bombing campaigns with their inevitably high civilian casualty rates. And of course he’ll end proxy wars such as that in Ukraine that have for all too long been falsely held out as humanitarian causes.

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     In short the new Kennedy era will see a restoration of the American people and land and will simultaneously stop giving the rest of the world so many reasons to hate us.  And who knows this Presidency may even return the US to its status as a beloved beacon of inspiration, hope and democracy once again.

       “America is a land rich in resources, creativity,

     and intelligence. We just need to get serious about

     healing our society, to become strong again from

      the inside.”

                     - Kennedy24 website


Starting with The Ukraine War

    Bobby’s priority in regards to the war in Ukraine is to end the war and bring the horrible suffering of the Ukrainian people to an end as quickly as possible!


     For well over a year now the people of Ukraine have been trapped between a rock and a hard place – between the invading Russian forces and the bellicose US Neo-Con agenda of aggression through NATO. 

  Behind the US policy of sabotaging negotiations and perpetuation of the carnage of the war is the Neo-Con's clearly stated motivation of disempowering Russian President Vladimir Putin and less openly admitted goal of further enriching the military industrial complex.  This has been the primary driving force preventing a resolution to the war and furthering the slaughter and unimaginable trauma endured by the Ukrainians caught between the two brawling global superpowers.


     Much as RFK Jr.’s uncle Jack Kennedy was able to negotiate with the Russian leader of his time and prevent the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis from erupting into full scale nuclear Armageddon, so will Bobby achieve a settlement bring an expedient resolution to further death and devastation in the Ukraine-Russia crisis.

    In exchange for the US and allies removing our nuclear-capable missiles from Russia’s borders  Russian troops will evacuate from Ukraine and in cooperation with UN peacekeepers will guarantee the nation’s independence and freedom as well as the safety of the Russian speaking eastern regions of Ukraine.  Such negotiations were attempted before but this time the Kennedy administration will block the Neo-con sabotaging of these efforts - a subterfuge that made the current tragic war nearly inevitable.


    Peace in Ukraine will be the beginning of RFK Jr’s overturning of the US policy of militaristic imperialism.  He plans to return America to the path championed by his uncle JFK.  Over his years as President JFK had become increasingly committed to a policy of anti-imperialism: defying the US bombing of Cuba and attempting to prevent the Vietnam War – arguably the main efforts that led to his assassination.

    (But that’s of course a discussion for another time).


    “America was once an inspiration to the world, a beacon of freedom and democracy. Our priority will be nothing less than to restore our moral leadership. We will lead by example. When a warlike imperial nation disarms of its own accord, it sets a template for peace everywhere. It is not too late for us to voluntarily let go of empire and serve peace instead, as a strong and healthy nation.”

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RFK Jr's Fight for Healthy Water! Riverkeeper & the Waterkeepers Alliance

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