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RFK Jr's Children and Marriages

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     RFK Jr.’s first child, his son Robert Francis Kennedy III, or rather Bobby III, was born to RFK Jr. and his first wife Emily on September 2, 1984.  Bobby III has largely stayed out of the political spotlight and so far has chosen to become involved in creative pursuits – mainly film – instead.

B1&2 & Emily .jpg

    Soon after Bobby III made his directorial debut with the one-act comedic play ELEW: Live from Infinity which dealt with the concept of immortality, included a bunch of puppets and featured a performance by rock-jazz pianist Eric Lewis.

Eric Lewis on Piano-Rdecc.jpg

     In the years since he developed and found financing for a film about the true story of the iconic journalist and author Hunter S. Thomson’s 1970 run to be elected as Sheriff of Pitkin County – which after COVID-19 related delays was released in 2021 as Fear and Loathing in Aspen.

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