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The Mainly Excellent Adventures of Bobby Kennedy Jr.
RFK Jr. Life and Legends!


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  In This section we'll look at RFK Jr's exciting and unusual life


       - and mainly this page will provide links to each of the described sub-sections -

  • From his very young years, RFK Jr was almost always right at the periphery of world-shaking events - from the Cuban Missile Crisis and Rachel Carson's fight against DDT to his uncle's and then his father's tragic assassinations. 


  • Then we'll explore his somewhat troubled and highly adventurous teen and young adult years,

  • . . . and his years as a leading star in local and international environmental activism. 


  • And of course we'll look in some depth at his middle-age years as a continuing environmental activist increasingly censored for his refusal to accept unsafe medical practices - namely the injection of toxic heavy metals via vaccination. 


  • RFK Jr's even more controversial life in the COVID era and now on the route to the US Presidency will be covered somewhat here - but more-so through links to other sections.


Hanging Out in the White House with One of America's Most-Beloved Presidents at Age Nine.


    Bobby's earliest years in the cradle of US Power. ​ JFK, RFK, Rachel Carson and more!

RFKJ & JFK-Rdcd.jpg
JFK - RFK - Artsy.jpg

Falconry, Other Unusual Pets and that Habit of Catching Snakes 

  A little trip down memory lane to meet RFK Jr's and his family's pet Lion, Swimming Pool-dwelling Sea Lin, Emus and lots of other Birds!

Kennedy-Pets - Redcd.jpg

Farming and WhiteWater

Rafting in South America 

  Learning the Meaning of Hard Work with Peasant-Farmers in Colombia and Leading Epic Rafting Adventures Down Unexplored Rivers of the Amazon!

SA Adventures-Rdcd.jpg

Camping Out and Making a Documentary in Africa with the infamous Roger Ailes 

    An unlikely Frienemyship that would help RFK Jr spread environmental messages to conservatives.

R &Ailes - -Rdcd.jpg

His Journey From Addiction to Recovery and Beyond 

    From overcoming personal dependencies to helping others - and now the whole nation - transcend their addiction crisis.

RFKJ at Meeting.jpg

A Super-Triumphant Environmental Activism Career

    Cleaning and Protecting Waterways Worldwide, Crushing Monsanto Monstrosities, Protecting Indigenous Land-rights, and So Much More!

RFK& friend on Boat-.jpg

Fighting the Neuro-Toxic Metals In, and Very Poor Safety Testing of Vaccines  

         Despite the massive price it has cost him RFK Jr has never backed down from the battle to protect children - and adults - from a short-sighted corrupt profiteering Pharmaceutical Industry and the Agencies that it long ago captured.

The War Against Heavy Metal Injections

The COVID-19 Chronicles  

  Fighting back against a genocidally mismanaged pandemic response.  The cover-ups, conspiracies and continuing push for incautious profiteering Bio-tech mad-science


A Presidency Powered on Principles! 

   The Unfolding Events of the Epic & Historic 2024 Independent Election Victory


RFK Jr's Fight for Healthy Water! Riverkeeper & the Waterkeepers Alliance

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