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The Campaign
and Its Key Policies


Under Construction

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   Below you'll see the grid of the main topics of focus in RFK Jr's campaign and policies - at least from the perspective of this website.


  All of these topics really overlap and are one way or another tied together.  For instance, Restoring the Middle Class is innately tied to Withdrawing the American Empire and reducing wasteful military spending, and Reforming Captive Agencies is key to Revitalizing US Health and overall Reconciliation.   Again, this is this website's best understanding of the Kennedy24 Campaign and its Key Policies.

    For an accurate and up-to-date source of info you should of course check out their site at:

   Here's the Main Eight Areas of Policy Focus from the Grid above - Together with the section on RFK Jr's Campaign Itself:

  1. Restoring the Middle Class

  2. Reconciliation - Healing the Divide

  3. Reforming Captive Government Agencies

  4. Revitalizing US Health and Infrastructure

  5. The RFK Jr Campaign Itself - Key Events, etc.

  6. Restoring the Environment

  7. Healing the Crisis at the Southern Border

  8. Racial and Indigenous Compensation and Healing

  9. Peace - Scaling Back the American Empire

And Here, Below, is Each of these Policies and the Campaign with their main Sub-Sections / sub-pages listed out too:

  * Restoring the Middle Class

     - Making Housing Affordable

     - Reforming Higher Education

     - Labor rights - Re-Empowering Unions

     - Caring for Our Veterans

 ** * Reconciliation - Healing the Divide

     - End Illegal Censorship

     - Protect Civil Liberties

  * Reforming Captive Government Agencies

    * Revitalizing the USA

     - Restoring Americans' Health

     - Repairing and Improving National Infrastructure  

Here's the list version of these Key Policy Issues and Sub-topics:  

 * Elections Reform & Voting Rights

    - Campaign Finance Reform

    - Institute the Free Voting-Rights Passport

* RFK Jr.'s Presidential Campaign Itself


  • Stopping the aggressive buyout of America by BlackRock and other mega-money monopolies

  • Reversing Federal Agency Capture and other deep corruption

  • Taming the CIA and the Deep State

  • Establishing Real Corporate Accountability and Decency

  • Healing the Deep Divide Between Americans

  • Restoring the Financial and Physical Health of the Middle Class

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 * Restoring the Natural Environment

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* Healing the Crisis at the Southern Border

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  * Racial and Indigenous Compensation and Healing

 * PEACE - Scaling Back the American Empire 

RFK Jr's Fight for Healthy Water! Riverkeeper & the Waterkeepers Alliance

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