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Regulatory Agency Capture

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    The United States system of government was cleverly designed to insure a balance of power between the sectors of government as well as to protect average citizens from the outbalanced power of wealthy and privileged interests – such as the dominance of royalty and religious institutions that had long lorded over the old-world. But in the place of Royals corporations and the mega-wealthy have gradually attained an outsized portion of power that our country’s founders would have found terrifying.

     As corporations have aggregated increasing amounts of power over the last 200 (or so) years of US history they have progressively infiltrated and corrupted government institutions that were initially established in order to protect the common people from the very dangers of such corporate overreach. Our once great democracy has now largely gradually given way to a vast and incestuous corporatocracy.

Fed Agency - Buildings-Rdcd.jpg

      Whether it’s the case of agricultural mega-corporations’ influence over the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) or the oil and coal industry’s manipulation of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as with so many similar captured agencies, the corrupting influence of big money and corporate power currently ensures that little real positive change is accomplished by public agencies. In fact these days government agency influence more often leads to accelerated dangers and harms to the public – as with the poor regulation of newly invented toxic chemicals by the EPA and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and manipulated and even falsified drug studies by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and NIH (National Institutes of Health).

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Fed Agency - Buildings-Rdcd.jpg

   In some cases corrupted agency officials are tempted by direct benefits – such as promotions, more pay, and more influence – most notably in the case of a longtime bureaucrats such as Anthony Fauci, but more commonly the payoff is through the so-called ‘revolving door’ mechanism. In this case agency government agency officials are hired on into top-level corporate jobs such as former CDC head Julie Gerberding post-agency-retirement immediate hiring as the president of big pharma mega-firm Merck’s vaccine division. Top level employees for the infamous chemical company and now GMO giant sometimes even passed back and forth from government agency positions to Monsanto and then back again – sometimes over and over again such as in the infamous case of Michael R. Taylor – who’s even now still back in a position of authority at the FDA!

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Fed Agency - Buildings-Rdcd.jpg

(and) The (even) more common version of the revolving door is that government agency employees are hired by corporations as lobbyists – a position in which they can exploit their inside government contacts and knowledge of the inner workings of the system to curry maximum favor political for their new corporate employers.

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Fed Agency - Buildings-Rdcd.jpg

    On the more extreme side of agency capture we can see that the rot of corruption and monied influence goes back quite a ways – as in the case of the infamous Dulles Brothers: Allen and John Foster Dulles - were deeply tied to powerful financial interests from Wall Street and international banking firms before they succeeded in rising to the highest ranks of political power – John-Foster as Secretary of State under Eisenhower and Allen Dulles as the (real) primary figure behind the creation of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) – arguably one of the most corrupt US Agencies around. - from ardently protecting surviving Nazis and other WWII fascists, overthrowing multiple governments, establishing massive international illegal drug operations and carrying out mind control experiments on US citizens – and so much more

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    Whether it’s Wall Street holding the reins of the SEC (Security Exchange Commission), the mining industry’s sway over the BLM (Bureau of Land Management that is), Big Tech companies manipulation of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) or any of the many other corporate captured agencies we desperately need to take power back from these private big-money interests and restore to them the ability to work for the benefit of the people and the nation as a whole.   RFK Jr has worked with and struggled against so many of these agencies and the leading figures within them for decades.  He has both the experience to understand their inner-workings as well as the track record of consistent standards to inspire belief that he will truly follow through with the sweeping and well-thought-out reforms that he promises!

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Fed Agency - Buildings-Rdcd.jpg

     “From his long experience and familiarity with systems of power, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. understands that most people in corporations and government are perfectly decent human beings. They play the game, but a lot of them are fed up with its phoniness, and cynical about the paralysis of the system. They feel trapped in it. Clean government isn’t just about removing corrupt individuals. It is about changing a system in which perfectly decent people become agents of corruption without even knowing it.”

    - from the website

Fed Agency - Buildings-Rdcd.jpg

      RFK Jr. has dealt with the top officials in all of the US captured agencies - in courtrooms and otherwise, knows who is the most corrupted and as President will have the authority to immediately replace them with high integrity individuals who will truly serve in the best interests of the people and the environment.

    Filling the position once so famously held by RFK Jr's father, a new brilliant and ethical Attorney General will set the stage for reform of the other agencies. 

     New heads and high-level officers in the CDC, NIH and FDA will be a tremendous stride to a massive upgrade in US health - directing research towards actual cures rather than perpetual money-making scam avoidance of cures.  The perils of High-Fructose Corn Syrup and other harmful substances will be made increasingly more clear and help lead to greatly improved health outcomes in the general public. 

     New authorities highly placed in the EPA and USDA will begin to seriously reform pollution standards, and implement more environmentally friendly technologies as well as corporate practices. 

   And who knows, at long last Dennis Kuchinich may finally get to start the Department of Peace!

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