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ReStoring America's Health and Fitness & Vitality -

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Restoring US Health and Vitality

    It really does 'start at the top.'  With RFK Jr at the head of the US Government he'll be able to rapidly change out the control of several key Agencies and free them from the corrupting influence of corporate control that has long held sway.  This is especially pertinent when it comes to the agencies that are supposed to be protecting the health of US citizens - the CDC, NIH and FDA in particular.

  Good leadership in these agencies will allow for really beginning to look at the root causes of disease and poor overall health.  The current corporate medical system makes ridiculous profits off of our sickness - not our health. So real cures have long been avoided.  and increasingly expensive 'symptom management' drugs are strongly emphasized.  Sadly that's how billions and even trillions of dollars are now made.  But good health and psychological well-being is worth so much more, and are ultimately more profitable in the financial sense as well. 

   With the right leadership the epidemic of chronic diseases, Alzheimer's and cancers can and will be reversed.  this is not the right place to go into those details - but the reality is that almost all diseases could be prevented and cured so much more readily than we've long been led to believe.

  Once these agencies have completed competent studies then courts of law will become the fruitful battlegrounds in which big PHarma companies can finally begin to be held accountable for their many harms.

  Accurate official research and studies will also help to begin to change public discourse about health and help to veer the average person away from the toxic junk foods that fill the majority of most grocery stores. 

   Additionally, and maybe even most importantly, RFK Jr will use his Presidency as a 'bully pulpit' - the chance to speak directly and regularly to the American people and world at large about how we can really begin to restore our health, integrity and vitality.


RFK Jr. will act to Heal the US by:

 Financially - by leveling the playing field' for the average person through his comprehensive plan to Restore the Middle Class

   & Legally Disincentivizing the buyout of America by BlackRock and related mega-money monopolies; along with related policies.


 Administratively - by Freeing Captured Federal Agencies such as the FDA and CDC from corrupt corporate control.  This will finally allow for accurate studies in key areas of health research - that are no longer manipulated by the profiteering interests of Big PHarma.   Also making simple changes such as not allowing food-stamps to be used for the purchase of soda pop and other harmful junk foods - is really a no-brainer (but one that will literally help protect our brains and the rest of our bodies).

Legally - good studies by redeemed Government Agencies will begin to allow for corporations and Big-PHarma in particular to be held accountable for the rampant harms they've done to the American people.  Settlements from these cases can in some cases be applied to create more truly health-benefiting programs.

 Directly and Personally - by Bobby's own example of good health habits as well as by speaking directly to the American people in the 'bully pulpit' fashion popularized by FDR will help raise public awareness about important realities and effective approaches to much better health

Psychologically - By de-emphasizing the division between different groups and viewpoints of Americans, RFK Jr's approach can begin to heal the stress caused by such constant background antagonism.   As we start to see each other as real people again, respectful and sane communication can return and the stress of resentment and anger can begin to recede. 

RFK Jr's Fight for Healthy Water! Riverkeeper & the Waterkeepers Alliance

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