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RFK Jr’s Plans to Clean Up and Restore Our Natural Environment

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    Whether it’s increasingly disruptive weather patterns - storms, droughts and floods or burgeoning garbage dumps, ocean ‘dead zones’, massive forest fires, acutely mineral-deficient soils or escalating species die-off, most people would agree that there’s some real issues with the health of our planet’s ecosystem.

    And whether it’s due to environmental collapse or other sources of toxicity human health in the U.S. and many other industrialized nations is heading in some rather scary directions, with epidemics of Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, allergies and many other serious and new forms of illness. In any case these progressively (looming/)threatening environmental perils appear to be precipitously moving towards endangering the viability of human civilization itself - and maybe even humankind’s very survival as a species.

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   * To preserve and restore the national treasures of our wild lands, under the RFK Jr. Administration inefficient and harmful methods of logging, mining and oil acquisition will be reformed and where necessary limited. Similary the phenonmena of endlessly expanding cities or ‘suburban sprawl’ will be redirected into more intentionally planned and livable new cities, towns and other communities.

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   *  The U.S. will become a powerful advocate for rainforest preservation and the healthy regeneration of our oceans and other essential waters.

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RFK Jr. - One of The Greatest Modern Environmental Activists 

   Back in the ‘old days’ – pre-2004 - before Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was vilified for remaining steadfast in his assertion that it’s a bad idea to inject neuro-toxic heavy metals into newborns and infants whose brains are undergoing critical phases of growth and development, Bobby was actually one of the most beloved and widely celebrated members of the democratic party.  He was regularly asked to contribute op-eds to major newspapers and articles to major magazines, and was near-constantly being encouraged to run for political office and even the U.S. Presidency by everyone ranging from Oprah Winfrey to leading environmental activists. And it was in fact Bobby’s own environmental advocacy that was the primary source of the respect and accolades he received.

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   Since having transcended his troubled youth and addiction issues back in 1983 RFK Jr. had worked for years as an extremely effective advocate for the environment – as both a direct activist and an environmental lawyer. He became deeply involved with pre-existing organizations such as RiverKeepers and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), founded and expanded organizations such as the WaterKeepers to a worldwide reach and very successfully sued major corporations such as DuPont and Monsanto and even the US military for pollution and other ecological abuses.  Kennedy also established a leading environmental law clinic at Pace University, and made precedent-setting stands to defend indigenous communities and land rights both internationally and domestically.  Bobby was even hailed as ‘The Kennedy That Matters” by New York Magazine and as a “Hero of the Planet” by TIME magazine.

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His consistent effectiveness in the arena of environmental activism was largely due to working with both sides of a dispute - whether indigenous peoples and mega-corporations or idealist environmentalist and outdoorsman hunters – to find a mutually beneficial and ideally even healing resolution. Similarly in RFK Jr.’s presidential campaign he is very clearly working to bring people from seemingly opposite perspectives to a reconciliation based upon the core values and desires that we nearly all hold in common.  And this approach will certainly be one that he’ll continue to apply to solving environmental issues on an even larger scale as President.

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    RFK Jr.’s plan for healing the environment is focused upon addressing the systemic and root issues perpetuating and accelerating the major ecological crises facing our world today.


* To replenish the very lands upon which we grow our foods – RFK Jr.’s administration will decrease government subsidies to short-sighted agricultural practices centered around pesticides and artificial fertilizers that pollute and deplete soil and in turn will increasingly subsidize ‘regenerative agriculture’ practices that deeply nourish, detoxify and restore soil while restoring groundwater.  And all this while maintaining at least the same rate of agricultural productivity as today’s mainstream conventional methods – but ultimately producing healthier, much less toxic and much more wholesomely nutritious foods.

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* To mitigate and massively reduce physical and airborne pollution around the world Bobby’s crew will also establish economic incentives to discourage wasteful and polluting forms of domestic energy production and product manufacturing.  Agreements will also be worked out with other nations to institute these changes in countries throughout the world. Energy production and manufacturing practices are somewhat complicated subjects so we’ll have to look at them in more detail elsewhere.

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* Instead of continuing the reckless exploitation of environmental resources for short-term economic gains RFK Jr.’s administration will rethink economic policies to insure long-term growth of prosperity, along a new path – one that is no longer rapidly hurtling us towards ecological and societal collapse.

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*  Critically Bobby will also free key captured agencies such as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) from their illegitimate corporate overlords by removing key corrupted actors and thereby allow these agencies to return to their originally intended function - protecting the environment and human health.

   If the long-entrenched corruption in these and similar agencies is not seriously dealt with then the chances of ending (or even significantly reducing) the incessant flood of toxic chemicals increasingly plaguing our environment and bodies is slim at best.

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  Let’s take our health and the natural world back!  RFK Jr.’s resolute and long-proven dedication to these issues is the best chance we’ve had in a long long time to make such changes really happen.


“Today, corporate influence has severely compromised these agencies, resulting in a proliferation of highly toxic chemicals in our food, soil, air, and water.

It’s time to clean it up!”

                                                                                              - from

   “In all of his policies, RFK Jr. will put people and places first. In recent years, climate change has made the environment a divisive issue, but there are many policies that make sense to skeptics and activists alike. We will emphasize those, and rebuild a broad environmental coalition to clean up this country.”

                  - from

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RFK Jr's Fight for Healthy Water! Riverkeeper & the Waterkeepers Alliance

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