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Conor Kennedy

   Born in 1994 to Bobby Jr and Mary Richardson, Conor Kennedy has been in the spotlight a bit more than RFK Jr’s other children.

   This is largely because of a brief relationship he had with pop-star Taylor Swift, and more recently due to his having volunteered to fight in Ukraine.


    Conor is also often mentioned by his father when RFK Jr is describing the family’s experience with food allergies as Conor was extremely allergic to peanuts during his younger years and in several instances had to be rushed to the hospital to save his life. Despite those early health concerns Conor arguably stands out as strikingly handsome in a family of rather attractive children.


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Dating Taylor Swift     


   Taylor Swift has dated an impressively vast range of famous men ranging from actors such as Tom Hiddleston, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, Eddie Redmayne, Jake Gyllenhaal, musicians including Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, and more recently athlete Travis Kelce. She met Conor at Kennedy family event back in 2012 having been fascinated by the family’s mystique for some time beforehand. The couple only dated for a few months, although many of her fans reportedly believe that the brief relationship inspired her song “Begin Again”.


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Fighting in the Ukraine War


    RFK Jr. and Conor disagreed about the right course of action in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and Conor secretly dropped out of law school to join the International Legion and fight to try and directly help defend Ukraine. The young Kennedy didn’t have any previous military experience but his bravery and physical strength set him in good stead to make a contribution in the war efforts.


Activism and Arrests

    Conor was arrested along with his dad, RFK Jr, back in 2013 at a protest against the Keystone Pipeline that took place outside of the White House. They were opposed to the increase in greenhouse emissions and general pollution from expansion in the Canadian tar sands industry the new pipeline would trigger.

    Although father, son and 46 fellow protesters were driven to the police station in handcuffs they were released soon after upon paying a fine.


    Conor was again arrested in (December) 2017 for his participation in a fight outside Bootsy Bellows nightclub in Aspen Colorado – in response to the harassment of a gay friend.


    Tragically after years of struggling with depression Conor’s mother Mary died by suicide when he was 17 - leaving Conor and her three other biological children behind.


RFK Jr's Fight for Healthy Water! Riverkeeper & the Waterkeepers Alliance

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