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Celebrating and Exploring the Epic Presidential Campaign, Life and Activism of RFK Jr.
With the Help of A.I. Generated Art Work!

The Art of RFK Jr.


  The Art of RFK Jr. is a website Offering an Artistically Illustrated and In-Depth Exploration of the Life and Pursuits of the Fascinating and Controversial Activist and Now U.S. Presidential Contender Robert F Kennedy Jr. 

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    Most of the Illustrations here are created via Artificial Intelligence, although eventually a number of Artistic Products Ranging from Sculpture to Illustrated Books related to Mr. Kennedy's Life and Work will be Offered Here As Well.

   Here, at The Art of RFK Jr., we’ll explore RFK Jr.’s life, family background, controversies and vast career of effective activism, as well as many of the controversies he’s become embroiled within.  Oh yeah, now he’s even running for the US Presidency – so we’ll be checking that out too!  And yes, we'll looking at all of these topics enhanced through the medium of artwork - Thanks to the help of my lovely assistant Midjourney, and someday if I get off my ass to an adequate degree there will be cool custom made sculptures of RFK Jr. and his activist allies too. 

       The site is intended to operate as a kind of interactive Mind-Map so that You Can Explore whatever aspect of the RFK Jr's Life and Work that Most Interests You

  It's probably best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer - until we get the VR and Holographic Interfaces worked out anyway. 


  I hope you Enjoy! 

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        We'll get to the holistic Fractal Menu system a little down below - but first a little intro and overview of the man himself.  - Just who is RFK Jr., this controversial figure rapidly gaining popularity to become the next President of the United States!?

   RFK Jr. (Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or just 'Bobby') is a unique American phenomena - born into a very prominent family, imbued with many advantages but repeatedly struck by world-shifting tragedies - most notably the assassination of his uncle the President John F. Kennedy and the assassination of his own father Robert F Kennedy soon after. 

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   RFK Jr. has struck out on several unique and even epic paths throughout his lifetime:  Most notably as an extremely effective environmental activist and lawyer - both domestically and abroad; and most controversially, and perhaps most  significantly, as the highest profile public figure to take a  resolute stand against the poor regulation and low safety standards of the vaccine industry.

   The US Government's massive mismanagement of the COVID crisis drove Bobby to finally take up the call for political office that - surprisingly - everyone from Oprah to Hillary Clinton had been encouraging him towards for decades.


   There's so so much more to RFK Jr. and his quest to truly drive out corruption and begin to heal America    - but as least the above basics offer some footing to start off on your journey into the veritable RFK Jr-focused labryrinth that is this website. 

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   So about that - well-navigating the website/labyrinth:  firstly I must admit that much of it is nowhere near complete or truly presentable.  RFK Jr is one of the more fascinating individuals I've come across.   So there's much material to cover, and I'm essentially just a homeless 'starving' artist these days - but doing the best I'm able to pull off this project in a timely manner. 

  The most currently relevant RFK Jr topics have been emphasized for priority - so the most complete section right now is that dealing with RFK Jr's Presidential Run and his key policies in that regard. 

    Some of the pages about his early life are well along too, as are some of those about his environmental work and a few of his children.

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   Important pages that haven't yet been tackled include: the whole vaccines controversy mega-section as well as the closely related section on COVID-19  and its many controversies.  While these topics are quite important in regards to understanding the truth about RFK Jr., they are also very very controversial topics, and quite complicated to really cover in a clear but comprehensive manner. 

    The mainstream public is generally spoon-fed a whole lot of nothing - along with a substantial scoop of targeted misinformation - when it comes to hearing the vaccine-safety-questioning side of things.  Its the rare individual who dives deeply and intelligently into the vaccine battleground - that is unless their child is afflicted with a major health condition immediately after a slew of vaccinations. 


   Again, vaccines, the safety of vaccination and the official response to COVID-19 are very complicated and controversial topics.  I'm working on a comprehensive clear and balanced presentation of those controversies - but it's a real undertaking. 

   - For now I'll emphasize including various directories to some of the most clear and efficient resources to gain a relatively holistic perspective on various aspects of the subject.

    Also, many of RFK Jr's past interviews on vaccination controversies are becoming more widely available now that he's running for President and can't as easily be censored - miraculously even on Youtube sometimes!  Some of these present a fairly good introduction to the other, generally hidden, skeptical side of the vaccines debate. 

   But since on the way to the Presidency Bobby's dealing with a wide range of important topics during such interviews its not really a situation where he's able to fully address all the nuances and sub-controversies of the vaccine topic.  Also there's not yet a convenient way to share clarifying visual components during a podcast- so most of his online explanations can innately only go so far. And again, helping to fill that gap is very much what this website is ultimately intended for.

   Again, these are just a few real basic clips - just showing some of the usually blocked perspectives about the vaccine debate - but in the eventual section on vaccines on this website we'll go back and forth looking carefully at opposing views detail by detail and at the actual studies and funding and manipulations of those studies. 

    Thanks for your patience.  And thanks too, I hope, for at least beginning to look at both sides of this important issue.

    But back to the layout and navigation for this site . . .

    Essentially I've tried to offer a visual 'Fractal' or 2-D Holographic-type Menu interface - in addition to the typical style of menus that can be found along the top and bottom of the site's pages (or the 'hamburger ' menu in the case of cell-phones).

   - So far this fractal menus is set up as a 3X3 or 9 Box grid system - so you can see a topic and its label and then just click or tap on either directly to go to the page on that topic.

   In turn many of these main grid-menu topics will lead to a main page with its own 9-sub-grid system.   For instance, if you click on Bobby's Presidential Campaign a the bottom-center of the main menu here, you'll soon end up at a page with a menu sub-divided into his main Presidential Policies

A Basic Overview of the Site's Contents

   We'll be exploring and literally 'looking at' the many and varied aspects of Bobby's life and work - including:  


  •   The controversies around and details of his Vaccine Safety efforts.  

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Restoring USA Health
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WebSite's Contents Listed In More Detail:

    As you can see in the menu above the site explores nine main aspects of RFK Jr's life and work including some of the controversies tied to him.

Restoring US Health and Vitality

    Sometimes it really does 'start at the top.'  and with RFK Jr at the head of the Government he'll be able to rapidly make some key changes that will set the US on the course towards much better health outcomes. 


As our next President RFK Jr. will act to Heal the US by:

 Financially - by leveling the playing field' for the average person through his comprehensive plan to Restore the Middle Class

   & Legally Disincentivizing the buyout of America by BlackRock and related mega-money monopolies; along with related policies.


 Administratively - Freeing Captured Federal Agencies such as the FDA and CDC from corrupt corporate control will allow for competent studies truly geared towards health. Disallowing junk food purchases with food stamps is another healthy measure.

 Legally - better studies will allow Big PHarma to be held truly accountable for the many harms their products do.  And outlawing  television and radio pharma ads will loosen PHarma's control of the media industry.

 Directly and Personally - by Bobby's own example of good health habits as well as by speaking directly to the American people in the 'bully pulpit' fashion popularized by FDR will help raise public awareness about important realities and effective approaches to much better health

 Psychologically - By de-emphasizing the division between different groups will reopen communication between Americans, and begin to lessen the stress and animosity sapping the mental well-being of so many of us.

Etc. ...

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RFK Jr's Campaign & Key Policies


  - The primary issues that Bobby's campaign is focusing upon and why they're especially relevant:

   [ Although this website phrases things differently than the official campaign itself, I'll do my best to present a fair and accurate view of  RFK Jr's campaign priorities.  But please do check out the official campaign website at to make sure and get the official direct and up-to-date information! ]

  • Stopping the aggressive buyout of America by BlackRock and other mega-money monopolies

  • Reversing Federal Agency Capture and other deep corruption

  • Taming the CIA and the Deep State

  • Establishing Real Corporate Accountability and Decency

  • Healing the Deep Divide Between Americans

  • Restoring the Financial and Physical Health of the Middle Class

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'The KENNEDY FAMILY - Origins and Destinies'

     Here we'll look at the Background and wider legacy of the famed Kennedy family in general, as well as some of the family's most notable members - his uncle JFK and father RFK in particular.

  •  The family's Irish origins and immigration to the US.

  •  The first three generations of American Kennedys.   

  •  The first political peak of the family - as most apparent in RFK Jr.'s Parents generation - JFK, RFK, Ted and Katherine.

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RFK Jr's Family - Children & Marriages


   Here we'll look at ...

RFK Jr's First Marriage to Emily Black and their two children:

  • Bobby III (AKA RFK the Third) and

  • Kathleen Alexandra 'Kick' Kennedy.

RFK Jr's Second marriage to Mary Richardson Kennedy and their four children together:

  • Conor Kennedy

  • Kyra LeMoyne Kennedy

  • William 'Finn' Finbar Kennedy

  • and Aidan Caohman Vieques Kennedy

And Current Wife the popular actress Cheryl Hines and her daughter from her previous marriage,

  • Catherine Rose Young

  As well as his daughter-in-law and now campaign manager Amaryllis Fox Kennedy - the wife of Bobby III.

- And then there's a few Grandkids too - through Amaryllis & Bobby III - and one of them is even Bobby IV!

RFK Jr. - Life and Legends  

         Even outside of RFK Jr's impressive career in Environmental Activism, raising a family and taking on the Military-Medical-Industrial Complex, he's lead quite an interesting and unusual life - full of unique adventures and impressive accomplishments - including:

  • His family's Unusual Pets and RFK Jr's lifelong passion for Falconry and strangely, Snake-Catching as well!


  • Writing around co-writing around 20 Books, so far - and several of them best-sellers. RFK Jr. has also written several highly regarded articles in major magazines, blogs, etc. as well as writing the forward to several other significant books.

  • Protecting the land-rights and cultural traditions of indigenous tribes in South as well as North America.

  • etc. - ?

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RFK Jr.'s Epic ENVIRONMENTAL Activism and Legislation

  • Co-leading and massively expanding the RiverKeeper river restoration organization..

  • Co-founding and rapidly growing WaterKeepers Coalition worldwide.

  • Waging Hundreds of Successful lawsuits against polluting (mega-) Corporations

  • Fighting Factory Farm Pollution

  • Defending Indigenous Lands and tribal traditions

  • Massively weakening the Monsanto and DuPont Monster corporation

  • Training a new generation of environmental lawyers through his co-founding of and teaching at the PACE Environmental Law Clinic.

  •  etc.

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RFK Jr.'s Infamous Involvement in


VACCINE Controversies

  • Totally Metal! But Very Much Not in the Good Way

  • Vaccines, Food Allergies, Auto-Immunity, SIDS and Type 1 Diabetes

  • Aluminum, Autism & Alzheimer's

  • Polio, DDT, Lead-Arsenic & Lies

  • DTP, Death & disabilities

  • Big PHarma's Huge Corruption of the Media & Government

  • Media Mega-Misinformation and Manipulation - Jake Tapper & Beyond

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The COVID Crisis & Controversies


  • Standing up for the Repute of Therapeutics (Ivermectin, etc.)

  • COVID Lock Down policies and the attack on the Bill of Rights(?)

  • Deaths and Disabilities and the COVID Bio-Tech Experiment

  • MyoCarditis, PeriCarditis, Clots & More : (

  •  UnSafe & Largely Ineffective.

  • Event 201, Mass Censorship & Mass Misinformation

Various CONSPIRACY Theories RFK Jr. has weighed in on or otherwise been associated with


  • The Kennedy Assassinations - of his Uncle JFK and his father RFK -

  • The Michael Skakel (his cousin-?) Case