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Ending the Opiate and Meth Epidemics!

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      The combination of increased financial hardship, decreased community connections a flood of more powerful and accessible drugs on the streets, massive technological and societal changes and loss of meaning in individual’s lives has resulted in a disabling addiction epidemic and the wasting of the potential of countless lives. 

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      For more than a decade after his father’s assassination RFK Jr fought and ultimately won a personal battle with addiction. On a personal level he maintains regular habits of recovery and has helped over a hundred friends overcome addiction. Now he is ready and eager to lead the nation out of its drug crisis.

    RFK Jr’s will establish recovery and healing centers throughout the nation, and especially in disadvantaged rural centers where they can help to revitalize the local economy. These healing centers will be organic farms where those struggling with addiction can reconnect with nature as they work growing and eating healthy food to heal and revitalize body and mind.

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   These centers and similar programs will be funded through the decriminalization of marijuana and the establishment of safe and legal means for its sale. The federal taxes from this industry will provide a new and legitimate source subsidizing finance for huge number of these healing facilities

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    He envisions these recovery centers as something akin to the Peace Corps program his uncle JFK helped establish – where those besieged by addiction can find the space, support and nutrition to overcome their reliance upon alcohol, fentanyl, and other substances – even including addictive pharmaceuticals such as SSRI when appropriate. It’s time to end the loss of integrity and loss of life and societal burdens caused by substance dependence. Bobby’s practical vision to accomplish this will give addicts a clear path to reintegrate into society in a positive productive manner and improve lives and society as a whole.


 Iboga & Ibogaine too - .  as good addition to the approach- ?  

RFK Jr's Fight for Healthy Water! Riverkeeper & the Waterkeepers Alliance

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